Blade: Re.Action

Blade: Re.Action

Official Blade: Re.Action Whitepaper, last updated 2022.10.18

Blade: Re.Action?

Blade: Re.Action is the latest Action RPG developed by Action Square. Players can enjoy the action-packed gameplay while farming equipment and raising heroes.

Stylish action

Enjoy intense action by using your character's different skills while evading or counterattacking enemy attacks.

Less pressure for intense control

While manual control is possible, we also provide an "auto-farm" mode and "Sweep" feature that allows stages that are cleared to be completed immediately.

Endless exploration

Players will dive into the world of Blade: Re.Action based on a medieval mythological fantasy. Players will help Archangel Ramiel seal pure evil Madness by going on a journey with the four heroes to grow stronger and collect powerful equipment.

Well-made P2E game

With integration with the blockchain ecosystem, players can enjoy the game and earn blockchain-based tokens to obtain in-game currency. Experience tokenomics by collecting special in-game currency from gameplay and trading them into tokens for profit. We hope the blockchain technology and ecosystem will expand through Blade: Re.Action.